Tradition is deeply rooted in Thai Silk and Thai Massage. The generational wisdom is activated by the technique and intentions of both practices. Thai Silk is the name given to any silk that is manufactured in Thailand by native Thai silkworms.


This center has provided support, counseling, and treatment for numerous families who previously did not have any access to comprehensive medical care. Since March 15, 2002, when this center was established, there have been over 193,185 patient visits to this center as of March 1, 2023. The majority of these patients were also provided with free medications.

There were many chronically ill patients who were having acute exacerbations of their condition due to their inability to afford the appropriate medications. They are being given medications on a monthly basis and are having routine follow up care.

Center has been providing free medication to patients.

Dehydration due to gastroenteritis could be fatal if not treated appropriately with intravenous fluids. This center has been able to prevent many fatalities with administration of intravenous fluids.

We have coordinated ophthalmology services to be provided at Behzadi Health Center in collaboration with Al-Shifa Eye Hospital. Trained ophthalmologist come to the center every few months to screen and treat patients. Many patients have benefited from these screenings.

We have developed a network of physicians and diagnostic testing service centers, including labs, x-rays and ultrasounds available at reduced rates or free of charge. Numerous patients have received care and benefited from these services.

We have established a comprehensive health center that is educating people on the importance of routine, preventative healthcare.

An experienced physician and lady health visitor are providing care to members of the community. The consistent availability and comprehensive quality healthcare has become a known resource for the surrounding communities as well.