Tradition is deeply rooted in Thai Silk and Thai Massage. The generational wisdom is activated by the technique and intentions of both practices. Thai Silk is the name given to any silk that is manufactured in Thailand by native Thai silkworms.

Services Provided

Acute and Chronic care

Behzadi Health Center provides care to patients of all ages.

Treatment of chronic diseases

Patients with chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, seizure disorder, asthma, allergies, and many other conditions are seen and treated on a continuous basis.

Provision of free medications to needy families

Needy families with acute illnesses are provided free medication. Chronically ill patients are given free medications on a monthly basis.

Health Screenings and Education

Health screenings and education are held periodically with emphasis on preventative healthcare, benefits of good hygiene, maternal/child healthcare, treatment of minor illnesses, and management of chronic diseases.

Intravenous Hydration

Gastroenteritis (vomiting and dehydration) are extremely common in this region, especially in the summer months.
Patients who are dehydrated are given IV hydration.

Referral Services

We have made arrangements with several Physicians and Surgeons who have volunteered to provide services on an as needed basis for free or at reduced rates. Certain labs and radiological tests are provided at significantly reduced rates to patients referred by this center.